Project organisation
The chemicals group focused on food flavourings, food additives potential migrants from food packaging materials. It listed target chemicals and established relevant concentration data. It also proposed a list of foods likely to contain the target chemicals by interaction with the foods group.

The food intake group focused on food intake, chemical occurrence and regional modelling. This group linked with the chemicals group to agree on the definitions of food groups and to estimate food intakes of such defined food groups. It created a suitable database architecture for food intake data for input into regional models. The occurrence subgroup worked on food chemical occurrence data with the food chemicals group.

The database and modelling group constructed databases that have connectivity between intake, occurrence and concentration for each chemical. These databases exist in tiers corresponding to the complexity of the data. The database and modelling group worked together with the chemicals group related to migration modelling of migrants from food contact materials into food. It also involved all groups in agreeing on algorithms for probabilistic modelling of exposure.