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Information presented on the ExpoFacts Web site is considered public domain information and may be downloaded or copied freely for the purposes mentioned below, unless expressly identified as being subject to copyright protection.

When data are subject to copyright protection, their reproduction and re-dissemination are prohibited without consent from the copyright owner.

All data can, however, be downloaded and used freely as part of data analysis, and the subsequent results can be freely published at the User's own responsibility.

It is strongly recommended that the original data sources are consulted before using the data. In any case, the original data source should be referenced as well as the ExpoFacts database.

If data are used without consulting the original reference, e.g. in case of a language barrier, data can be used, provided that ExpoFacts is clearly indicated as the source.

Contacting the original copyright owner

3.1 - Contacting the original copyright owner
For the ExpoFacts users convenience we have collected here the contact information of those organizations that have data under copyright in the ExpoFacts database. This information is given as help to the database user, based on the information provided by these organizations in October 2004 and checked in January 2007. ExpoFacts does not guarantee neither replies nor data use permissions from these addresses.

3.2 - Crown Copyright
Copyright issues are handled through Her Majesty's Stationary Office (HMSO). Information about the Copyrights and links to applications for data use are available at

3.3 - International Labour Organization (ILO)
The ILO material, including data from the Laborsta Internet are under ILO copyright. Links to the copyright information can be found at the bottom of ILO Internet pages. The direct link is

3.4 - Swiss Federal Statistical Office Neuchatel
Copyright information is available by clicking the Copyright link at the bottom of the Statistical Office home page The information is available in German, French and Italian. Requests are also handled in English.

3.5 - Technique & Documentation
Data use permits can be applied by contacting the publishing house Lavoisier directly at 14 rue Provigny, 94236 Cachan cedex, France. E-mail address for Lavoisier is

3.6 - United Nations (UN)
The Copyright statement regarding United Nations Internet site is at the bottom of the UN Home page ( The Copyright statement page provides also an e-mail address to use when applying for data use permits.

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